planned amenitiesFinding the right home for your growing family is one of the most exciting and promising life phases. You are about to choose a place to build a life, even if it’s just the start. But with so many options on the market, it can be difficult to know which is the best option for you. Townhomes and single family homes are both popular options for today’s young buyers. This guide will explain the main cost, location, and planned amenities differences between the two types of homes.


  • Cost: Townhomes for rent are generally much more affordable than single family homes. This is in part because they are often smaller, but they also have lower overhead cost to begin with. You can certainly get a high quality townhome for a lower price than a similar quality home.
  • Location: These attached homes are connected to others, so they exist in a closer community. So, while you may sacrifice space, you will likely get closer to your neighbors and have access to community events. Townhomes are often conveniently located within a town or city, so you can choose the lifestyle you want.
  • Ammenities: Townhomes come with a variety of planned amenities,often with the option to add more on. By renting a townhouse, you can enjoy a communal pool as well as other shared spaces. This means that you get the perks of home living without the maintenance costs.

Single Family Homes

  • Cost: As mentioned above, single family homes are more expensive than townhomes. Since the average American moves 12 times in their lifetime, it is not always wise to purchase a home right away. But this is not necessarily true for everyone. Take an honest look at what you can afford.
  • Location: Single family homes are usually located in more suburban communities, putting you close to other families. You may be more removed from the city, so consider this. Many homes also have a spacious yard and driveways.
  • Amenities: While features vary by home, you have the choice to include any planned amenities you’d like. Remember that this freedom also comes with the responsibility of upkeep, so you will need to take care of the pool, yard, and other features.

While making your first move as a family, renting or leasing is also a wise decision. By renting a townhome, you and your family can enjoy quality amenities while having the flexibility to make your next move at any time. Take the time to tour your local townhome community before making a decision. Your preparation will pay off when your family is living comfortably in your new home.