furnished apartmentSo, it’s time for a new place. Whether you are moving for work, school, or to be closer to family, you need to keep a few things in mind. Here’s how to choose a furnished apartment like a pro.

  1. Rent
    It is typically a good rule to never spend more than 30% of your monthly income on rent alone.
  2. Color Scheme
    For furnished apartments, you need to decide on the decor as well as the place. This isn’t the highest priority, but if you are drawn more to blues and greens than reds and yellows, find places with those colors.
  3. Walkability
    Is there a convenience store, gym, park, or whatever you like to do nearby? Walkability can make a big difference.
  4. Proximity
    Outside of walking, how close is this place to work, the supermarket, your kids’ school, or any other places that are important to your daily life?
  5. Amenities
    Is there a pool? What about a washer and dryer? Which utilities are included? These answers could be deal breakers or makers.
  6. Pets?
    This only applies if you have pets or are thinking about them.
  7. Neighborhood
    Is it safe? Is it community oriented? You will want to find furnished apartments for rent somewhere you feel comfortable.
  8. Schools
    Kids might not be on your mind now, but if they are, you need to think about schools.
  9. Cost of Living
    Rent is a big factor, but add cost of living into the equation as well. How much does milk cost around the apartment? What about a bagel in a cafe? Check to see the average living expenses of this area.

  11. How Much You Like It
    Really, this is the biggest factor of all. You need to be sure you would enjoy living there. Sometimes the reason is ineffable and other times it is something small, like tall ceilings. Whatever it is, as long as you can afford it, liking the place you live is everything.

There are certainly more things you should consider when renting a furnished apartment, but these are the top priorities you should be considering. When in doubt, compare all of the places in your desired area by making a list of pros and cons. Good luck out there and have fun moving!