Are you aiming to find an apartment that can accommodate both you and your pet? If you are among the 70% of renters who have some type of dog, cat, or another animal, then you might be struggling to find a pet friendly apartment within your budget. Well, you’re not alone. In 2014, almost 66% of pet-owners expressed the same difficulty.

If you would like a luxury apartment without being forced to give up your fur baby, then do not give up hope. It’s possible for you find the perfect spot, and hopefully these tips can help you out.

Save up Extra Cash

First things first: a pet friendly apartment complex is very likely going to charge you an extra pet deposit, so this is something that should be budgeted for. If you are hoping to find a place that will allow pets at no extra charge, then you are going to be searching for quite some time, and you will have very limited options.

Regular security deposits are required because the landlord will then have some type of insurance against any possible damages or unpaid rent. Well, pet deposits work the same way, accounting for any damages that may be incurred by your critter.

If you are renting a luxury apartment, figure on your pet deposit totaling anywhere from 40% to 85% of your rent total. This is what most complexes charge and seems to be a reasonable figure for those searching for their ideal apartment. Along with this, you may some extra fees added to your monthly rent, as well.

Promote Your Pet

Things like showing a certificate from a pet training school or getting a reference from to a past landlord show that you are a responsible pet owner and that you take their cleanliness seriously. Someone renting out a luxury apartment does not want to have to worry about addressing tons of damage, stains, and pet hair once a renter moves out.

If you show that you take the apartment’s upkeep as seriously as the landlord might, then you are much more likely to get the place you want.

This can even work in situations where a no-pet policy is in place. If you love the apartment and know that your dog, cat, or other pet will behave itself, see if the owner might bend the rules for your unique situation.

Don’t Be Sneaky

Above all, never try to sneak a pet into a no-pets-allowed apartment. If your lease clearly states that the landlord wants no animals on the premises, then be respectful and search elsewhere. If you get caught with a pet, you could find yourself evicted or even in legal trouble.

All in all, as long as you do your research and save up a little extra dough, keeping your pet with you in your new place should not be a problem. Get searching today!