While the convenience of the bottom floor is great for pet owners, you cannot ignore the benefits of living in model luxury apartments on the top floor. If you’re one of the apartment hunters looking at some of the 42.58 million housing units currently available in the United States, here’s why you should think about living on the top floor.


It’s warm and cozy

Heat rises. As such, your top floor apartment will likely stay nice and warm during the upcoming cooler months ahead. You’ll also notice the ample sunlight as you’re moving into your apartment. This creates a cozy atmosphere that can also cut down on your winter heating bill. However, it means the summers might get extra hot; combat this by buying thick curtains to block some of the incoming sunlight in your furnished apartment.


The views are great

One of the best parts of living on the top floor is the excellent views you’ll have of your city. While the bottom floor might be subjected to the view of the street, the top apartment will offer a scenic view of your city and the surrounding area. Enjoy your morning cup of coffee with a picturesque view each morning.


It offers more privacy

On the top floor, you won’t have a nosey passerby snooping into your window. Nor will you have to deal with the rush of bypassing cars and foot traffic. One of the worst things about living on the bottom floor is having to deal with the thump and thud of your neighbors’ feet. Your cozy seclusion on the top floor might be a bit of a hike, but it ensures you have a little peace and quiet, a huge perk if you have trouble sleeping at night.


Hello, healthy living

Climbing to the top floor day and night will keep your calves strong and your cardiovascular health in shape. Not only that, this is great if you’re a smoker with a balcony. Simply step outside and watch your smoke drift into the air far above the heads of your neighbors.


These are just some of the many benefits of living on the top floor of luxury apartment rentals. When you want the best in housing and access to countless indoor amenities, contact Highland Park to tour our model luxury apartments, townhomes, and pet-friendly apartments.