Sure, moving can be a hassle, but if you have pets, your number one responsibility is making sure they’re properly cared for in the process. Most of the time, it’s relatively easy to coordinate your moving plans around the care of your furry friend, but if you don’t schedule carefully, you could end up making some dire mistakes along the way. With that in mind, here are just a few mistakes to avoid when moving with your pets.

Letting your pet run around while you’re in the early stages of unpacking.

It may sound like an innocent and inevitable part of the moving process, but it’s 100% avoidable. The fact is, in most cases, it’s safer for you to find an alternative place for your pet(s) to stay while you’re in the early stages of the unpacking process. This eliminates the risk of your pet getting injured during the heavy foot traffic your new home will get when moving your belongings in. On top of preventing physical injury, letting your pet roam free as you unpack can put a lot of added stress on them since they’re not yet adjusted to the new environment. Find other accommodations during the first day or two, if possible.

Not telling the management of your pet friendly apartment about your pet(s).

Even though you’re renting a pet friendly apartment, it’s still important to alert management of the type and number of pets that you own. Most pet friendly housing was found to charge a separate pet deposit. The average pet deposit was between 40% and 85% of the rent. Plus, they may want to keep records and ensure that their property, as well as your pet, are safe and comfortable. Plus, telling them ahead of time means they may be able to help you find an apartment that’s best for your spacing needs.

Not keeping your pets in mind during the home selection process.

Finally, it’s crucial to keep your pets’ needs and comfort in mind when you’re looking for the right apartment. For example, if you have a dog, make sure there’s ample room for them to run around and play both indoors and outdoors. Your pet is a member of your family and deserves the same comfort you do when it comes to finding the perfect home.

Ultimately, avoiding these mistakes can help you have a happy and healthy start with your pets in your new home. For more information about pet friendly apartments and townhomes, contact Highland Park.