Pet friendly apartmentsApproximately two-thirds of pet owners reported having difficulty finding apartments that allowed pets in 2014, and the same is still true today. Pet friendly apartments can be hard to come by, so when they do become available it’s important to be fully prepared for apartment life with your furry friends.

Pet friendly apartments for rent typically won’t be any different than furnished apartments, but living in close quarters with your pet can still be an adjustment. Here’s how you can properly prepare.

Communicate with Your Landlord
Whether you have pets already or you’re planning on adding one to your household, it’s important that you stay in contact with your landlord. They should be aware of your pet’s breed, vaccination records, and other important details. In addition, you should check up on any size or breed restrictions your landlord might have.

Keep Up with Vaccinations
The most important thing to remember is to keep your pet up to date on their vaccinations and veterinary visits. This will ensure that your landlord has no reason to worry and that your neighbors have no reason to complain about your pet being on the premises.

Devote Time to Your Pet
This is especially important for dogs. As a pet owner, you should dedicate a set amount of time each day to pay attention to and play with your dog, as the cramped quarters might be inhibiting their happiness and well being. Walks and daily physical activity are extremely important for pooches, so consider hiring a dog walking service if you’re pressed for time.

Socialize Your Pet
If you’re living in an urban environment, you need to slowly socialize your pet to all of the people, noises, and smells that will be surrounding them. Dogs are especially sensitive to these changes, so it’s important to spend increasing amounts of time outside in that environment if you want to properly socialize them.

It might be a tough time searching for pet friendly places, but once you find townhomes for rent that allow them, make sure you’re taking these precautions and effectively preparing for apartment life with a pet.