When you finally find the perfect pet-friendly apartment, you feel like you’ve struck the lottery. But apartment living isn’t always easy.


Here’s how to curate your apartment to accommodate your furry friend.


First: Add on the pet fee

Before you do anything, make sure you have enough money to pay your pet fee! Apartments for rent will usually charge between 40 and 85% of the rent with an additional monthly fee thereafter. Ensure your furnished apartment lease is in your budget after accounting for additional fees.


Get pet covers for your furniture

Some luxury apartments can be fully furnished but if yours isn’t, it means you’ll have to bring your own furniture. If you bring your furry friend, you’ll want to make sure your upholstery stays in the best condition possible. Invest in some fur-friendly furniture covers and avoid velvet and steer clear of mohair unless you want more hair.


Buy a cozy pet bed

If your pooch or cat isn’t allowed on the furniture, be sure to include a welcoming pet bed to give your furry friend a safe space. Pick a bed made with high-quality materials that are easy to clean. When you select your perfect bed, be sure it matches your home’s aesthetic both color-wise and stylistically. Your boho-chic puppy bed might not go well with your streamlined, high-end finishes.


Pet-proof your home

Pet friendly apartments simply mean that your abode will welcome the presence of your pets; it doesn’t mean that your landlord will appreciate scratched floors, chewed furniture, and tooth-marked cords.


Avoid these hazards by crate-training your pet when you aren’t home. You should also offer your pet chewable alternatives like toys, teethers, and bones (but not rawhide — those are bad for your pets’ digestion). You should also create pet guards or block any entrances to areas that could be potential hazard zones, ie. your office’s many cords and electronics.


Finding the best pet friendly apartments is like finding a diamond in the “ruff” — you never want to let it go. But for the new tenant, creating a pet friendly apartment goes both ways; ensure your apartment or townhome is prepared for your furry friend.