townhomesIf you’ve decided you’re finished living in apartments, townhomes for rent are an excellent option to consider. Not only do they offer more space, they offer several other features that your previous apartments might not have had. So when you’re considering moving to a townhome, here’s what you can expect.

Less Privacy
Like apartments, townhomes typically share walls. So while living in the middle of a three-home unit may lower your utility bills, it also means you’re sharing two walls with your neighbors. In that respect, townhomes are similar to apartments. If privacy is something you value in a home, then you may want to turn your attention elsewhere. But if you’re not too concerned about sharing a wall or two, then this shouldn’t pose an issue.

Homeowner Association Fees
Similar to a condo, townhome owners are typically part of a homeowner’s association. These organizations, in addition to providing services and forums for townhome owners to address certain issues, may charge monthly fees in return for those amenities. Things like lawn care, general outdoor maintenance, and other services may be included with monthly rent payments.

While homeowner association fees might not be the most exciting thing, townhomes actually offer multiple amenities that apartments might not. For example, most pet-friendly apartments charge a separate deposit that’s anywhere from 40-85% of the monthly rent paid. But townhomes are often pet-friendly to begin with, coming with lawn space and even park perks. Amenities like parks, playgrounds, and other fixtures in the community are typically maintained with the homeowner association fees.

Utility Differences
Townhome units, like luxury apartments for rent, typically come with shared walls. While this affects privacy, it also has an impact on utility bills. As previously stated, investing in a unit with two shared walls may decrease your heating and cooling bills. The fewer walls connected, the more you’ll have to invest in utility expenses like heat.

So when you’re expecting to invest in a townhome, you should definitely expect these things. Additionally, you shouldn’t make any commitment to a townhome unless all of these factors have been taken into consideration.