apartmentsYou’ve found the apartment of your dreams but there’s one problem: the only available units are located on the first floor. While many people may shiver at the thought, there are actually some major benefits of living on the ground floor of your furnished apartment. If you’re stressed about committing to apartments for rent on the first floor, here are some of the perks that come with first-floor apartment living.

No stairs. Ever.

If you live on the ground floor of your apartment rental, you’ll never have to walk up a flight of stairs. That’s right: no downstairs trips lugging a load of laundry, no upstairs hikes with ten bags of groceries weighing you down. Simply park your car and enter ground floor apartments with ease. Moving in and out of your home will also be a breeze, but with this kind of location, you might never want to leave.

Better for pets

If you dread the thought of a long walk to the lawn, moving into an apartment on the ground floor might be the best option for you. With easy access to the outdoors, your dog won’t have accidents in the house.

The pizza guy won’t get lost

No one ever fills out those delivery directions when you order a pizza, but you’ll have to if you live up two winding flights of stairs — on the left past the door with the weird wreath, you know, the one with the fake flowers? Instead of stressing out your delivery person, living on the first floor means you have easy access to all of life’s deliverable luxuries.

Great for kids

If you’re worried about being the noisy upstairs neighbor, that isn’t a concern if you live on the first floor of your community’s apartments. Children have a tendency to stomp, cry, fall, and bang things, so first-floor living is a common courtesy if you have young children in the home.

It’s cooler — literally

Heat rises, which means you’ll be sure to stay cool on the first floor of your apartment. Just don’t laugh too loudly or it might upset your toasty neighbors upstairs.

While living in higher-floor apartments has its perks, ground floor living shouldn’t be dismissed.

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