If you’re looking for a new apartment, your furry friend must be taken into account. Around two-thirds of renters who own pets are currently hunting for a new apartment rental, here are some of the basic amenities your dog simply can’t live without.

1. A dog park

Any dog can thrive in pet friendly apartments as long as there are plenty of places to play outside. Outdoor amenities are essential to raising a healthy pet when exercise is limited within the apartment. Model luxury apartments for sale in Wheeling should offer a large green space or a dog park to ensure your pooch stays healthy and happy. Just make sure to bring extra bags in the event your pet has an “accident.”

If there aren’t dog parks, however, ensure that your pet friendly apartment is located near a dog park or public park to get your pup’s energy out.

2. A space of their own

Even luxury apartments are limited by their size. As such, your pet needs a space of their own to calm down or sleep when they get stressed throughout the day. Whether it’s because of fireworks on the fourth of July or because you’ve given them too many treats, creating a small space for your pet can work wonders on their stress level.

Consider purchasing a crate or indoor dog house that can fit in the corner of the room.

3. Mats, towels, and area rugs, oh my!

One of the major challenges that come with apartment living is maintaining the floors. If you don’t want to have to pay for costly floor repairs from your dog’s toys, try purchasing area rugs, mats, and plenty of towels.

Between claws, bones, and plastic toys, you might end up buffing out more than a few scratches. Area rugs are great for forming a designated space for your dog to chew on bones or play in the apartment. Purchasing a mat is essential for your dog’s food and water dish. This will help deter stains from forming; it’ll also give the added bonus of home decor. For towels, keep a few by the front and back door to dry off your dog after a romp in the rain.

With these three essential apartment amenities, you and your dog will thrive in your new home. If you’re looking for luxury townhomes with outdoor amenities, consider calling Highland Park to schedule a tour.